• Praetorian Guard Gaming
  • Loyalty
  • Unity
  • Discipline
  • Aggressiveness
  • Tenacity
  • One Team One Dream
  • A Gaming Community Like No Other

About PG

About PG

Praetorian Guard Gaming holds 4 key values near and dear. Every member no matter their rank or how long they have been with us is expected to share these same values.


Loyalty to a Praetorian means that you are committed, dedicated to becoming better and those around you better.This also means your willing to help insure the goals of Praetorian Guard are met, and to help improve the community. Not just give up and quit.

Through Unity we develop one of the most key principles that Praetorian Guard stands on Team Work. In Praetorian Guard we do not accept lone wolfs your apart of one team. That tag next to your name means something more, for together we can accomplish anything set before us, divided we shall fall. Through Unity you acquire Discipline and that means that you under stand how to follow orders from your superiors.

Through Aggressiveness you are forcing our enemies to react to our movements, and changing there plans. You cant just sit there and let them kill you. You must KNOW NO FEAR , and hit them with all you have, its either you or them.

Through Tenacity you acquire the will to never give up , never quit, to plant your feet into the ground and dare our enemies to come and get us. In the face of overwhelming odds we relish the challenge to kill more of our enemies. If a Praetorian Guardsman kills 1000 enemies with there weapon they must then kill 1000 enemies with there bare hands, once accomplished then you have our permission to die.


Team Speak

Communication is a vital part of our community. We require all members to be able to at least listen in. That means log into team speak before getting on any of the games the community plays. That way you can see who’s playing what, and group up with other members.
No Drama

We’re all here to have fun. Drama is neither encouraged or tolerated.
Real Life Comes First

Real Life always comes first. If you need to take a break for whatever reason your place in the community will still be there when you come back.
Mature Content

Our community can get a little wild. As such we require that all new members be at least 18+ years old. Exceptions can be made but it’s up to the Community Leaders and Officers.
Games We Play

Games We Play

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